Ohh yea!! September 17th

Finally a good rain after two months of really dry weather. The forest sighs once again and all feels alive and green. Not much longer in Chemult, praying for the Portland BLM job, that’d be nice to keep me occupado. Definitely heading to Coos Bay to run the Prefontaine 10K. Should be a good time. Looking to camp at Sunset Beach. I need to reming myself to take a bathing suit and maybe a fishing rod. Need to check my time from last year. Just want to beat it or get close to the time from last year. Move your arms Flarh-ty, pick your knees up, pick up your your knees. God bless Coach Grant.


Another Blog

Aaagh, don’t think too much, do the little things with love, like Mother Teresa said so. It’ll help us all on this ball of blue floating in the cosmos. More love, less thought. More giving, less expected results. More sunshine and more coffee when it rains. Did some editing last week of the Chapbook poems. Even cleaned up some pieces, got to get rid of the “a”, “the”, “of”, “and”. They could be the most overused words in Poetry, “I” is used way to much. I do need to check the mailbox, there’s always a chance a kind soul corresponded with me. Then I’d get away from I for a while.

Hasta el taco. Paz

Hello world! I’m a blogging! Yee-Haa!

Thank God for the sun rising into the smoke-filled sky and the cold coffee on the end table. The date is August 24th, the date of my first official blog. I have taken the  Spanish pronunciation and spelling for the wordpress blog to inspire exotic thought and fanciful color. There are at least two poems I have written Spanish, and now that I think of it, I should try to include them in my future Poetry Chapbook. My goal in the near future is to get this chapbook of 20-25 poems in print and out to the world where it may breathe and travel the globe. And if this chapbook is used for fire starter may may it burn bright and warm to inspire lovemaking on crisp Autumn nights and may the flames dance off of naked bodies on a cabin floor.